The Uuronlampi observation lodges are situated in a beautiful spot by the lake. The opposite shore is a steeply rising wilderness. The lodges are secure deadwood log cabins where you sit on comfortable chairs or even take a little break and lie down in a bunk and have a little snack. The lodges are equipped with heaters, sleeping facilities and earth closets.  There are wheelchair ramps and approximately six spots for the persons with limited mobility. You can get to the foot of the ramp by car and the walking distance is 10 m. The two observation lodges can accommodate 20 people. You can photograph in these observation hides, but you have to take the pictures through glass.


  • Arrival at the Keljanpuro Lodge at 2 pm. During winter at 8 am.
  • Welcoming coffee and info
  • Going to the observation cabins by car at 3 pm. During winter at 9 am.
  • Leaving the cabin at 8 am. During winter after the sunset.
  • Breakfast at the Keljanpuro Lodge after 8 am.

Included: Welcoming coffee, introduction to the company, snacks for the night and insurance.
Please note: Clothing suitable for weather conditions. Everybody should bring their own cameras and binoculars.