Welcome to view and photograph the Great Lakes of Finland in Lieksa North Karelia as Erä-Eero

Wildlife photographing

With Erä-Eero, you can shoot large wild beasts in forest and pond landscapes throughout the year.

Wildlife watching

With Erä-Eero, you observe wildlife safely from the log log cabin. Species moving in the area include wolverine, bear, wolf, lynx, beaver, gooseberry, eagle and sea eagle.

Price list and additional information about the services

You will find more detailed content and pricing information for our services on animal viewing and photography and on our other services.

Business story

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Erä-Eero T:mi Eero Kortelainen
Puh: 0400 159 452(finnish)
Tel: 0400 432218(finnish and english)
Internet: http://www.eraeero.com
e-Mail: info@eraeero.com


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