Wolverine is the most observed animal and it can be seen year-round. Other visitor are bears, wolves and fox.

The professional photography hides are located in lake, fen and forest landscapes. There are 8-10 different photography cabins and about 30 photography blinds. The cabins are situated at the level of the animals’ paths. The shooting distance from the cabins is 2-80metres. The cabins have fastening bolts for the ball heads and lens supports, heaters for winter, sleeping facilities and earth closets. The walking distance is from 50metres to 300 metres depending on the cabin.

Down in the valley next to the pond  is a hide for professional photographers with 14 places for cameras. There are also opportunities to photograph animals crossing the water

In the forest landscape we have several small photography hides.


  • arrival at Wildlife Lodge of Keljanpuro Brook at 2 pm
  • welcoming coffee, Karelian pasty and sweet bun
  • introduction to the organizing company, info about predators and watching wildlife
  • wildlife watching, snack during evening and night, possibility to sleep
  • return to Keljanpuro Brook in the following morning around 8 am

Included: Welcoming coffee, introduction to the company, snacks for the night, insurance, use of listening device, guidance, VAT

For additional charge: Accommodation EUR 75 per person (incl. possibility to wash up, dinner, a place to rest and coffee)

Please note: Clothing suitable for weather conditions. Everybody should bring their own cameras, tripodheads, binoculars and recording devices.