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Wolverine is a daily quest in our watching lodge. The population is good and you can photograph several wolverines with their pups in different time of day and different seasons.      


Bears visit our watching lodge frequently between May and October. Our guests have had a chance to admire this King of the Forest weekly.  


Bird watching hides are located in swamps and shores of wilderness lakes where you can photograph in different seasons for example woodpeckers, little birds, waterfowl, waders, black grouses, eagles, hawks, owls and gooses.    

Program services

In addition to animal watching and photographing we offer the following program services: hiking, paddling, cross-country skiing, snow shoe hiking, snow mobile safaris, fishing, hunting, archery, peat therapy, massage, recreation days for companies, school camps, family parties, social evenings and

Wildlife Observation Lodges and hides

The wildlife observation lodge and hides are situated next to a beautiful wilderness lake in a valley facing an old growth forest on the other side. The landscape you will be viewing has never been touched by humans. The observation

Wildlife Lodge of Keljänpuro Brook

The lodge was originally a camp site for lumberjacks who worked and lived in the middle of wilderness. Nowadays they have been replaced by motorized harvesters, but the spirit of the lumberjacks still remains intact inside the traditionally renovated Wildlife